Mike Zitelli

Running for Allegheny County Sheriff

Vote this General Election 11/05/2013

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John Birch Society - Overview of America
Police Use LRAD Tank in Pittsburgh PA 2009
$2,300 Fines for Parking in your own Driveway in Pittsburgh PA!
Militarization of Police in America


Firearm Ownershio proven to lower violent crime!
Time for a change of 60 Year Reign of Good Old Boy Politicians in County Sheriffs Office
Allegheny County is in top 4% of Property Taxes in the Country
Department of Homeland Security Ammo and MRAP Tank Purchases
How A Major U.S. Bank Laundered Billions In Mexican Drug Money

Officially Endorsed by

Firearm Owners Against Crime
Pittsburgh Tactical Firearms
The Constitution Party of PA

Special Thanks to

Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association
John Birch Society
Allegheny County Common Law Grand Jury
Gun Owners of America



    Make all background checks for LTCF instant

    Approve all Title 2/Class 3 requests with regular background check

    Defend the right to keep and bear arms

    Uphold, defend and obey the U.S. Constitution

    Defend and protect the people of Allegheny County
    Restore the Powers of the Sheriff's office and Constitutional Authority
    Removal of fraud, waste and abuse including unmentioned unnecessary Politicians and Agencies

    Improve communication, training, and equipment of Deputy Sheriffs and Municipalities

    Expand the Allegheny County Sheriff's Reserve


    The infection of corruption in politics
    Unconstitutional checkpoints
    Warrantless searches
    Illegal Immigration and the lack of deportation
    Militarization of the Police and the Department of Homeland Security

Questions About Me
    Why can't we merge the Sheriff's office and the Local County Police?
    Why is the Allegheny County Jail overloaded with people on trumped up drug charges of non violent offenses?
    What is the real purpose of the Department of Homeland Security in Allegheny County and the State of Pa?
    What is the purpose of militarization of the police and the D.H.S. with military training, military weapons, and military equipment?
    Born and raised in Allegheny County
    Eagle Scout
    US Air Force Reservist at the 911th Airlift Wing
    Teamster Union 636 member at Giant Eagle, 7 years
    Former Private Investigator, Empire Investigations